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The recovery from the great credit crisis has been uneven lets call it, with different parts of the country participating at different rates. You guys are in Chautauqua County and Erie County, which of course includes the Buffalo market. Hows the economy up in that area of the country right now? Daniel Reininga: We are in two distinct marketplaces. Recently, we have had bright spots on the horizon for Chautauqua County, resulting from Governor Cuomos initiatives to attract businesses in upstate and western New York. That being said, due to limited growth opportunities in the Chautauqua County market area, we have focused our growth efforts on the Erie County marketplace. Erie County has been growing by leaps and bounds with business opportunities. Thats the reason we are more aggressively deploying our loan strategy on the commercial side of our business in this market area. Our balance sheet has traditionally been a thrift balance sheet, primarily composed of residential lending assets. We are now transitioning to a larger commercial profile with the right risk metrics attached, by originating C&I or pure commercial real estate backed loans. The Buffalo marketplace is experiencing growth due to the eds, beds and meds phenomenon.

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636058184262980111-AP-Big-Ten-Media-Days-Footba.jpg … They’ve won championships and things of that nature. We try to emulate a lot of the things –the competitive attitude during practice, the communication that they have during practice –are things that we try to emulate.” Furman: “Michigan State is now one of six Power Five schools with a winning percentage of .800 or more since the year 2010. Do you feel, Coach, that maybe you don’t get the respect nationally because of those statistics? I don’t see it.” http://abigailwilsontrust.denaliinstitute.org/2016/08/04/options-for-selecting-vital-details-of-interview-attire/Dantonio: “Well, you know we’ve been in the top 10 the last three years. I don’t know. You do what you do. I mean, you guys are the guys talking out there and you ask questions that sometimes don’t really make a lot of sense. As this point in time, we just focus on the future and we’re primed to do great things here in 2016. So we’ll be ready.” North: “When Coach says, ‘You ask questions that don’t make any sense,’ that hits close to home with me, Coach, I’ve got to be honest with you.

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